No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi, Langkawi to Penang

No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi, Langkawi to Penang

No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi, Langkawi to Penang

The beautiful archipelago of Malaysia offers a myriad of breathtaking destinations, and two of the most popular ones are Penang and Langkawi. Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, both Penang and Langkawi are renowned for their natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant tourism scenes. While these destinations are only a few hours apart by sea, it may come as a surprise to many that there is no direct ferry service between Penang and Langkawi. In this article, we explore the reasons behind this absence and the alternative options available for travelers.

Travellers and backpackers who are planning to go to Penang from Langkawi or to Langkawi from Penang, it’s bad news for you as the direct ferry from these islands has been permanently discontinued. Post covid-19 direct ferry to Penang – Langkawi, Langkawi – Penang is stopped. But when you search on google about the ferry you will find the wrong information about it.

The travel guide related to ferries in Langkawi and Penang is not yet updated. Going to george town is now tricky as there is no direct ferry, you get a ferry from Kuala Kedah jetty. Just keep in mind that which bus station you have reach for the ferry, maybe for new travellers / travelers it can get tough to reach the ferry point.

  1. Historically, the sea route between Penang and Langkawi has not been a popular one due to the presence of strong ocean currents and unpredictable weather conditions. These factors make it challenging to operate a direct ferry service between the two islands. As a result, travelers have had to rely on alternative transportation methods to reach their desired destination.
  2. Indirect Ferry Routes: Although there is no direct ferry service connecting Penang and Langkawi, there are alternative ferry routes available that require a transit stop. Travelers can opt for the Penang-Kuala Kedah ferry route or the Penang-Butterworth ferry route as their first leg of the journey. From there, they can catch a separate ferry to Langkawi. Although these routes require additional time and coordination, they still provide a convenient means to travel between the two islands.
  3. Penang-Kuala Kedah Ferry Route: The Penang-Kuala Kedah ferry route is a popular option for travelers heading to Langkawi from Penang. The ferry departs from Penang’s Swettenham Pier and arrives at Kuala Kedah Jetty on the mainland. From there, passengers can take a taxi or bus to the nearby Kuala Kedah Ferry Terminal, where they can board a ferry to Langkawi. The total travel time for this indirect route usually takes around four to five hours.
  4. Penang-Butterworth Ferry Route: Another alternative is the Penang-Butterworth ferry route. The ferry departs from Penang’s George Town Ferry Terminal and arrives at the mainland’s Butterworth Ferry Terminal. From Butterworth, travelers can proceed to the nearby Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal, where they can catch a ferry to Langkawi. The total travel time for this indirect route typically takes around five to six hours.
  5. Air Travel: For those seeking a quicker and more direct option, air travel remains the most efficient way to reach Langkawi from Penang. Both Penang and Langkawi have airports that offer regular domestic flights. With a flight duration of approximately 30 minutes, air travel eliminates the need for multiple transfers and provides a hassle-free experience.

Conclusion: While there is no direct ferry service between Penang and Langkawi, travelers can still enjoy the beauty of these two islands by opting for alternative transportation methods. The Penang-Kuala Kedah and Penang-Butterworth ferry routes provide convenient options, albeit with additional travel time. Alternatively, air travel offers a quicker and more direct mode of transportation. Whether by sea or air, exploring the enchanting islands of Penang and Langkawi is a journey well worth undertaking for those seeking a memorable Malaysian adventure.

No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi, Langkawi to Penang
No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi, Langkawi to Penang

No direct ferry Penang to Langkawi

As for the travellers, backpackers or budget travellers it was a cheap option to transfer from one Island to another in just 40 RM ( Malaysian ringget). But now if you wanted to go to Penang to Langkawi or Langkawi to Penang there is a long available that is ferry – bus – ferry or the direct flight you can take which will cost you around 10 – 20 euros.

If you not wanted to travel through the flight then the only option you have is to take ferry reach to kuala perlis, then from kuala perlis catch a bus to kedah and from here you can catch an another ferry. Penang ferry ticket book online, penang ferry ticket cost, langkawi ferry, langkawi ferry price, langkawi ferry book online, langkawi ferry cost.

No direct ferry Langkawi to Penang

This route is quite long, hectic, and expensive as compared to the previous direct ferry or the direct flight from these Islands. The ferry from Langkawi to Kuala Perlis costs around 27 RM ( Malaysian Ringget) and then you have to catch a bus and then a ferry again.

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Kuala Perlis to Langkawi ferry ticket price hiked to 27 RM from 18 RM
Kuala Perlis to Langkawi ferry ticket price hiked to 27 RM from 18 RM

Well, the right price for the bus and then the ferry from Kedah to Penang is not yet confirmed once I have the latest info about their prices, it will be updated here. While you travel to catch a ferry if you get to Alor Setar, and wander to reach the Kuala Perlis (bus station). Then from here you can just take a grab to kuala perlis and then reach your desired destination.

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